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Bail Bond Questions & Answers

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Most encountered questions

Here are some basic responses to commonly asked questions. Should you have more detailed questions, contact us. Note that the information provided herein is not intended to provide legal counsel. All information has been developed by Gorilla Bail Bonds LLC and is only intended for educational purposes.

Frequently Asked Bonding Questions

Faqs Answers

Service Coverage — Our bail bond service expands statewide. We have agents throught the state on all CT counties. If we do not have a bail bondsman in your specific town of residence we can get one there. Our agents are ready to travel to any Connecticut town or city.

Payment Arrangements — Yes we do offer payment plans for qualified applicants. Payment arrangements are made available to individuals that can provide evidence of active employment.

Our Main Office — Locate our main operational office in:
136 Main St Suite 201 New Britain, CT 06051

Cosigner Obligations — When signing for a bail bond the cosigner has several obligations. The most important of them all is to make sure that the person out on bond, the defendant, appears for all court hearings. The cosigner is also obligated to pay any unpaid premium if applicable, that the defendant failed to pay. There other obligations associated with the signing of a bail bond.

Leaving Out of State — Per our agencies policies, yes a defendant on an active bond can leave the state. However, they must make sure to come back and appear for their court hearing.

Missing a Court Date — Possibly the worst breach of bail bond contract happens when a defendant fails to appear in court as mandated. Some of the possible outcomes that will follow include: The issuance a new arrest warrant, the cancelation of the previous bond contract, possible civil litigation and more. There are ways to keep track of court dates. Visit the Connecticut Judicial Website for all up to date court information.

Collateral Return — The return of collateral can take up to 21 days after proper notification. Note that any collateral held by our agency is returned to who originally provided the collateral and only after the case is dispossed. Such authorized person must provide the agency with writen evidence, court documentation etc to begin the return process.

Money Return — Premium or the fee paid to the bail bondsman for the bonding of a person is not returned. Such sum is what the bail agent charges to provide the bail bond service.

Payment Methods — We cannot legaly accept a car or car title as a deposit for a bail bond. Cars or title can be held as collateral, but cannot substitute the mandatory minimum deposit.

Payment Plan Structure — We offer various reasonable repayment structures. Balances can be paid weekly, by-weekly, monthly or as a one time payment. The amount of payment is also modified to meet each individuals budget. However, all balances must be paid full no later than 15 months from the bail date.

Court Date Tracking — Keeping track of your court date is easy. Simply visit the following link, enter the personal information requested and the scheduled court date will display in combination with other relevant details.
Check Court Date »

Becoming a Licensed CT Bondsman — There are multiple steps involved in getting a Connecticut bail bonds license. There is a class certification that needs to be completed, a formal computerized exam, background check and more. We are always looking to expand our team and will help those individuals motivated and serious about getting licensed. Call us for more information!

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